Regular strength training defines the muscles and tones the body.

This not only looks good, but also has positive effects on your health, it increases physical performance,
reduces the risk of injury from falls and improves posture. Strength training not only serves aesthetic purposes, but is also becoming increasingly important as a health sport due to its positive effects.

Strength training is an important component at any age, so that your body remains healthy and functional.

Why is ERAgrip PERFECT for your home workout?

EFFECTIVE whole body workout
ERAgrip offers you the possibility to train your whole body effectively, easily and without many accessories.

You are independent of time and can start your workout whenever and wherever your schedule allows.

Save precious TIME
The time you normally need to get to the gym and back home can be used directly to train with ERAgrip.

200+ exercises & workout plans
Our FAIO app helps you make your workout as easy and efficient as possible with over 200 exercises including video description & 30+ workout plans.

PERFECTLY tailored to you
Whether you’re looking to lose weight, stay fit, or build muscle, you’ve found your perfect workout partner with ERAgrip.


ERAgrip impresses with its innovative shape and effective movement & force progression. By shifting the weight directly to the palm
directly to the palm or the back of the hand, the intensity of the exercises increases many times over, as the muscles are addressed and loaded in a more targeted manner. At the same time, the wrists are relieved, as the angle of the hand position is variable and adapts to each body individually.

Furthermore, our Close-Grip function offers you a wide range of new HIGHLY EFFECTIVE exercises that you can only perform with ERAgrip. We will go into more detail about this function below.

A significant aspect to reach your training goals quickly is also the fact that continuity must become an essential part of your training, with the help of ERAgrip you will not be able to skip any training session, as you can start your workout at any place at any time, whenever your schedule allows it.

This combination of maximum performance and flexibility
is what sets us apart and helps YOU achieve your dream body as quickly as possible.

ERAgrip CLOSE-GRIP Training

CLOSE-GRIP training refers to exercises in which the load of the weight plates, resistance bands or cable pulls is taken up and moved between the two ERAgrips.

CLOSE-GRIP training is ONLY possible with the Vario 50 adapters in combination with the lock adapter and the Vario 50 Screws.

For CLOSE-GRIP training with weight plates, the plates are attached on the left and right with the same weight distribution using the Vario 50 Screws.

By screwing the
lock adapter into one
of the outer Vario 50 adapters
both ERAgrips can now be
can be connected to each other.

During CLOSE-GRIP training with cable pulls & resistance bands, the preferred number of Vario 50 adapters (between 3 & 6 pcs.) is mounted on one of the two ERAgrips.
ERAgrips and a Vario 50 Screw is screwed in the middle.

The lock adapter is screwed into the second ERAgrip and can now be connected.

The carabiner for attaching the resistance band or the cable pull is now hooked into one of the three recesses of the Vario 50 Screw.

For professional athletes

Competitive athletes benefit most from the
NEW INTENSIVE muscle stimulation.

Our patented ERAgrip technology makes

This makes it possible to shift the movement and force of the weight directly to the palm or back of the hand, thus increasing the intensity of the exercises many times over, as the muscles are addressed and loaded in a more targeted manner.

Numerous competitive athletes are already training with
ERAgrip and are enthusiastic about the performance.

For amateur athletes

Amateur athletes clearly benefit the most from the variety of exercises and the countless application possibilities.

These new exercises bring a lot of variety and fun into your daily training routine.

For example, train indoors or outdoors, at home or on vacation, whenever you have time and feel like it.

Our FAIO app also supports you with over 200 exercises and 30 training plans to make your training simple, effective and varied.

For people with handicap

ERAgrip helps people with disabilities because of its innovative shape and the fact that active gripping of the weights is not necessary.
weights with our fitness tool is not necessary.
people who have wrist problems, arthrosis/arthritis in the fingers or limited
arthritis in the fingers or whose grip strength is limited, to perform an almost problem-free workout.

ERAgrip also optimally adapts to your hand shape and
hand shape and size & supports the natural range of motion of our body almost perfectly.

Thus, the fitness tool can also be used in physiotherapy and it helps to optimally promote the reconstruction of the musculature.

REEP adapter

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ERAgrip Set FULL HomeGym

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Vario 50 Adapter

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SZ adapter

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Vario 50 Screw

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Resistance band 1pcs.

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