ERAgrip Set HomeGym

299,00  *
The HomeGym Set by ERAgrip leaves nothing to be desired and is our premium set. This set is all you need to follow through with your training plan. 3 ERAgrip multi-grips, adapters, adapter extensions, carabiners, resistance bands and 4 ON TOP weight plates (2x 5kg and 2x 2.5kg).

ERAgrip Set PRO

229,00  *
The PROset by ERAgrip includes 2 multi-grips, adapters and adapter extensions and carabiners for cable machines. This set gives you access to more than 200 exercises.

ERAgrip Set Rise

149,00  *
The set RISE consists of 2 ERAgrip multi-grips, adapters, carabiners for cable machines and 2 resistance bands. This set will lift your training regime to a new level

ERAgrip Set Rooky

179,00  *
The starter set by ERAgrip consists of 2 ERAgrip multi-grips and the necessary adapters in different sizes to enable you to start training with weight plates immediately.

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