weight plate 10 kg

50,00  *
This weight plate with 10 kg has the perfect form and size to complete a workout with ERAgrip. It is also possible to mount weight plates from other manufacturers on ERAgrip.

Resistance band 1pcs.

9,99 19,99  *
Our resistance bands are the perfect alternative to conventional dumbbell and cable pull workouts. Select from various weight classes!

Vario 50 Screw

14,99  *
Without the Screw - no hold. Every weight plate needs a means of fastening. The Vario 50 Screw is used to attach weight plates (50mm diameter) to the ERAgrip.

Vario 50 Adapter

14,99  *
There is no training without it - this all-rounder is what makes it possible for you to perform more than 100 exercises with ERAgrip. The Vario 50 adapter allows you to attach weight plates (50mm diameter) to the ERAgrip.

Baggy ERAgrip

12,99  *
The ERA-FIT Baggy for transporting and storing your training equipment.

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