PREMIUM Trainingsvideo Account

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Premium MEMBER video training portal with over 200 training exercises presented by INBA World Champion Matthias Riegler. Exclusive access for one year (for the price of 10 months), with special promotions and additional PREMIUM content. (No subscription, the premium access will automatically revert to the Free Member Area after the booked time). Our online store buyers who order an ERAgrip Set PRO or HOMEGYM will get one year access for free.


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The 100x10mm carabiner is our link between the SZ adapter and the resistance band or cable pull machine. With this combination - ERAgrip, carabiner, SZ adapter and resistance band or cable pull - there is nothing standing in the way of your workout.

weight plate 5 kg

25,00  *
This weight plate with 5 kg has the perfect form and size to complete a workout with ERAgrip. It is also possible to mount weight plates from other manufacturers on ERAgrip.

Vario 30 Screw

14,99  *
The 30 Screw and 30 Adapter are like peas in a pod. They are as thick as thieves and also secure the weight plates to the ERAgrip. The Vario 30 Screw is used to attach weight plates (30mm diameter) to the ERAgrip.

Vario 30 Adapter

19,99  *
The little brother of the Vario 50 Adapter. It is designed for weight plates of a smaller diameter. The Vario 30 adapter allows you to attach weight plates (30mm diameter) to the ERAgrip.

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