REEP adapter

19,99  *
The REEP adapter is designed to maximise your training radius and allow you to perform a variety of new exercises. It is used for many biceps, triceps and shoulder exercises that require some flexibility in the position of the pull weight. This “sling” adapter creates what is known as a triangle of forces, which distributes the force evenly on the SZ adapter and the ring in the wrist strap; what's more, this adapter complements the lock adapter almost perfectly when using a pair of Eragrips.

Baggy ERAgrip

12,99  *
The ERA-FIT Baggy for transporting and storing your training equipment.

weight plate 5 kg

25,00  *
This weight plate with 5 kg has the perfect form and size to complete a workout with ERAgrip. It is also possible to mount weight plates from other manufacturers on ERAgrip.

LOCK adapter

19,99  *
The lock adapter allows you to work out efficiently and safely using two ERAgrips. This prevents the Vario 50 adapters from slipping. It can either be used with weight plates or with the help of a triangle grip on the cable machine.

ERAgrip Create Your SET

99,00  *
This set you compose yourself and includes at least: 2 ERAgrip multi-grips with sleeves and bolts 2 adapters of your choice (please select) 1 ERAFIT transport bag to transport your set Add any adapter to your set!

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